[Review] VE Monks : Budget Earbud King?

Hello guys we are back again with another review this time for the really cheap VE Monks. 

If you want a TL;DR of these earbuds, it is below:
Huge Soundstage, so musical, meh confort, great buy! They scale a bit with a good amp, but they do fine out of a portable device.

Review a Xiaomi Piston 3


Hello guys, today we bring you the unboxing and review of the very well known Xiaomi Piston 3.

If you want a TL;DR summary of these headphones it should be the following:
Great packaging, build quality, average isolation, almost balanced sound signature (slightly V shaped, with empashis on bass and treble), that punches way above its price. Must change default tips for best performance.

For everything else, watch our video. Leave comments on youtube with any questions you might have.

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