[Review] Superlux HD681

Hello! This time I have a completely different review from the ones I’ve been bringing you lately because I’m going to review a full sized headphone! This time we have the Superlux HD681 a full sized circumaural headphone from Taiwan, which reaches on to us with a little help from George from Gearbest! Thank you very much for the chance to review this product and check www.gearbest.com for somewhere to buy this product.

As for a little introduction to the Superlux brand, lets just say that they are a brand with a known reputation for having full size headphones that mimic some popular designs from other brands such as BeyerDynamic or AKG in a much cheaper price. But the catch is the following: they always punch above their weight in terms of sound quality, so this HD681 which can be had for just 20$ will surely surprise a lot of you. Continuar...

Análise Ruizu X06

This is the Ruizu X06 a cheap digital mp3 player that alongside a study body to be able to keep up with na active lifestyle, presents us with Bluetooth capabilities, which means you will be able to use this mp3 player at the gym or everywhere you need a player with wireless capabilities.

The sound quality is pretty decent, resembling a Sansa Clip + with more low end and a bit less detail on the higher frequencies. Unfortunately the user interface is kind of unintuitive, which is a big letdown for me at least (or anyone who values the ease of use). You don’t lose any kind of quality over Bluetooth (comparing to other Bluetooth devices) and you got a battery that lasts almost 2 weeks!

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