[YouTube] QCY QS2 Review

05 janeiro 2020

Review no nosso canal de Youtube destes TWS que podem ser obtidos por menos de 20$!  

[YouTube] Xiaomi Men Classical Business Laptop

25 outubro 2019

Review de uma mala com um preço imbatível de 20€ numa loja portuguesa.

[YouTube] Ruizu X02

Hello guys, today we review the Ruizu X02, the little brother of the X06, dedicated to high quality sound, instead of having multiple features like the X06 did with its Bluetooth.


[Review] KZ ZS5


Today I’m here to talk to you about KZ iems. You might already know the brand Knowledge Zenith as one of the primary budget IEM maker from China, made popular mainly by the KZ ATE. Well the model that I have today for reviewing is the KZ ZS5, technically the version 2 from what I read about the sound signature. This is a quad driver per earbud: two dynamic drivers and two balanced armatures, which technically should offer a really good sound on a budget. They also have detachable cables which should improve on the durability.

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