Review VE Monk Plus

Hello guys, today we are here again with another review of the sucessor of the extremely sucessfull earbud from VE, the VE Monk. The main question is, can Venture Electronics Lee strike twice in a row? 

We also have a little overview on the expansion package, that is most definitively a must buy for all of you earbud tuners out there.

A short review for the Monk Plus would be the following:
The VE Monk Plus keep the same sound of "spaciousness" and musicality of the original Monk, but this time with an added twist of "colour" to it, because now we have a more accentuated treble and a little more low end to it. If you want to tame the treble, just slap on some thin foam covers and it will help you get the best out of these for some EDM for example.

Driving them is not an issue, even with the added impedance, but properly driving them gives them that added 5% of sound quality and precision. Mids are lush and vocals sound amazing, but those of you looking for sub-bass will not find it here (if you were, just go look at our KZ ATE review!).

All-in-All, the Monk Plus are a sidegrade of the original Monk, being more colored and more destined for those of you looking for a fun sounding earbud, while the original Monk sound more "organic" and neutral so to speak. But with the added choice of customising the sound to your liking with the acessories, just get one set of Monk Plus and feel free to enjoy the sound!

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