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A Raijintek é uma marca muito grande no mercado alemão. Esta é uma marca alemã com produção na China, de modo a ter preços mais acessíveis e que possui todo um reportório de diferentes acessórios. Temos desde blocos watercooling para CPU e GPU, coolers a ar, ventoinhas e até mesmo caixas. O que nos hoje temos é um desses watercoolers para o CPU.


“Raijintek EOS 240 RBW

The EOS 240 RBW AIO brings you advanced cooling performance combined with The new & patented design for the ultimate combination of the pump & cold plate microfins as well as unique featured 5V A-RGB light effects. EOS cold plates are made of full copper and useing advanced design of micro fin channels (0.12mm), extra-large CPU contact area with multiple channels for the best direct flow of cooling liquid. EOS internal Pump is build inside radiator and also contains a reliable Ceramic Axis Bearing with super silent operation in high pressure head at 1.5 Meter, low dBA in 30 dBA [Max.], Life Expectancy are up to 50,000 hours, and of course using super durable OD 16mm Teflon Tubes. Not only a new design pump and water block are used, EOS is also using high density design radiator, a FPI: 20 high density fin radiator with 12 heat sink water tunnel. Radiator itself supports up to 2 x 12025mm fans, and users can also add extra two fans to create double row fans. With high static pressure & torque fans in combination with the PWM Pump, EOS will round up your total System into an extemely performing water cooler or a super silent System EOS is the most user friendly AIO water cooler in the world by providing the multiple CPU bracket for Intel & AMD sockets, which brought to you for the joy of easy installation and friendly design & the surprisingly efficient performance.

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